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The most popular online games

Hours to wait for the selection of players for multiplayer matches? Constantly playing with the same opponents, because no one else is interested in this game? Such conditions do not suit us: we bring to your attention the top of popular online games, with a stably large audience and never idle servers.

1. Fortnite

The Epic Games Survival Simulator has been able to win the hearts of millions of gamers since its release as soon as possible. The reason for this was the successful launch of the Royal Battle free mode, which rushed those who feel sorry for the money for PUBG. However, the main Fortnite mode - the one where you need to build fortifications and fight off zombies - is also successful, so the game will remain popular even after the Battle Royale mod has passed.


PUBG has become one of the most popular online games in the world: more than 20 million copies sold in Early Access, launch on Xbox One and PS4, online, which exceeds the number of simultaneous users in all other combined Steam games. The extremely successful concept of Battle Royale is not overshadowed even by the technical problems of the game and the abundance of cheaters. It is not known how long the triumph of Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds will last, but right now this project is deservedly at the top of the top of the most talked about, played and, accordingly, the most popular games.


The brainchild of Riot Games - LoL has won a huge audience. A lot of characters, addictive gameplay, regular updates, large-scale e-sports championships - these are the components of the success of the game.

4. DOTA 2

MOBA, which is the only game in the library for many Steam users - why install something else if you can spend tens of thousands of hours in DotA 2? This game is often blamed for the toxic community, but not everything is so sad - finding adequate players here is easy.


Wake up any fan of online games in the middle of the night and ask him to name the most popular MMORPG - he will say World of Warcraft without hesitation. This MMORPG, despite its rather impressive age (many, very many online projects do not even dream of such a life expectancy), is still on the list of the most popular games and is unlikely to leave it in the foreseeable future - a new major addition and the launch of classic servers, so that an influx of WoW audience is ensured.


Network shooter from Blizzard, which is an impressive success with connoisseurs of the genre. The developers fit an interesting plot in one game, dynamic gameplay, charismatic heroes, seasoned it all with the constant flow of content and AR elements - the announcements of new characters are preceded by numerous hints and puzzles, which gamers are very enthusiastic about.


One of the most popular online games in the world, a competitive award-winning shooter, the famous simulator of the confrontation between special forces and terrorists - all this is about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The brainchild of Valve is constantly attracting new players who fight in multiplayer matches, earn fortunes by selling unique skins, and monitor the successes of their favorite teams in international e-sports tournaments. Many online shooters light up and quickly go out in the sky of the gaming industry, but Counter-Strike still shines and does not even think to leave its place.


The world famous MMO action from Wargaming has already gathered several tens of millions of “tankers” participating daily in online battles. World of Tanks takes an interesting setting, a large number of military equipment, made with attention to detail and the performance characteristics of its real prototypes, addictive gameplay and a powerful community that has formed around the game. You can find rivals for multiplayer battles in WoT day and night, for which the project deserves a place in our selection of the most popular online games on PC.


Another project dedicated to military equipment, but, unlike World of Tanks, which brought together not only tanks, but also planes, helicopters and ships on the battlefield. This, combined with beautiful graphics, a variety of modes and the regular arrival of new content, has attracted a huge audience into the game.


Free Blizzard CCG, recognized by gamers due to several factors: firstly, recognizable characters in the Warcraft universe, secondly, carefully verified gameplay, and thirdly, perfect balance (though the latter eventually became a little lame). Hearthstone does not take much time, it is available not only on a computer, but also on mobile devices, which allows you to play, for example, in the subway or bus. All this contributed to the great popularity of the game.


Despite its venerable age, Team Fortress 2 still attracts a fairly large audience of those who like dynamic and at the same time frivolous, filled with humor, shooters. Valve does not disappoint fans: the game receives more and more maps, modes, items of equipment, and most importantly - hats.


Warframe is appreciated by players for the cooperative, high-quality gameplay, as well as an interesting, albeit unusual, world. The authors of the project often delight users with new characters, locations, equipment and modes, are actively working to improve the gameplay and graphics. One of the main advantages of Warframe over other AAA shooters is that the game is free - in combination with the above advantages, this ensures that the brainchild of Canadians from Digital Extremes stably high online.


Rockstar is developing Grand Theft Auto V as a service game, constantly releasing free add-ons for multiplayer. Therefore, playing GTA Online is always interesting - new missions, cars, suits and modes regularly appear here. Recently, the publisher reported on 85 million copies of GTA V sold on all platforms, and, without a doubt, most of the buyers after going through the storyline campaign went to online mode. So Los Santos in GTA Online is never empty.

14. PAYDAY 2

A cooperative shooter entirely tied to robberies:

players must plan, prepare, and then execute a crime using various gadgets and weapons. Partial generation of locations ensured good replayability to the project: the location of doors, cameras, rooms, as well as the arrangement of bots is carried out randomly in each new mission, so the next robbery will be completely different from the previous one.


One of the most successful sandboxes is still suffering from problems related to optimizing and having bugs. Nevertheless, players love ARK: Survival Evolved for the abundance of interesting content and the opportunity to go to a world full of secrets, where prehistoric dinosaurs and futuristic technologies coexist. Therefore, in the game you can always find partners for joint survival - or rivals for competition for territories and resources.


The most popular online sandbox does not even think of losing ground, even though other “cubic” games are trying to squeeze it. The secret of Minecraft success is complete freedom of action, incredibly addictive gameplay and the ability to create along with other players. The project is available not only on PC, but also on other platforms, including consoles and mobile devices, so do not worry about system requirements (which, however, are more than low here) - you can just play wherever you want.


Every year we get a new game from the Call of Duty series. And every year she breaks sales records. So it happened this time: despite the release of the game not on Steam and the lack of a single storyline campaign, Black Ops 4 sold a huge circulation and brought Activision a lot of money. All thanks to the intense gameplay, a large selection of modes (including, of course, “Royal Battle”) and a vivid picture. If you have to choose among the best online shooters of 2018, then Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is likely to be the most suitable.


Competitive shooter from Ubisoft showed not the best start, but the developers were able to correct, bring to mind the balance and saturate the project with content. Now Rainbow Six Siege is a dynamic, spectacular and tactical action game in which you can hang for more than one day. Well, the authors continue to fuel it with new modes, maps, operatives, various events and activities.


This MMORPG is considered by many to be more fascinating than World of Warcraft itself. And, I must say, not without reason: Guild Wars 2 offers to explore a huge open world filled with various events in which a player can take (or not take part), thereby influencing the state of this world. In addition, the game lacks interesting gameplay mechanics: from the lack of mana and separation into traditional classes to the presence of dungeons with puzzles and large-scale interserver battles. The basic version of GW2 is available for free, but add-ons will have to be purchased.


CrossFire can be considered a veteran among the games presented in this collection: the shooter was released back in 2007. Nevertheless, he still enjoys great success, especially in his homeland - in Korea, as well as in neighboring China. Due to this, the project annually enters the top ten most profitable PC games, bringing publishers not even millions - billions of dollars. Well deservedly: CrossFire has a huge number of competitive and cooperative modes, an impressive selection of weapons and characters.