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Main games of December 2019

In December, many large games rarely come out. The last month of the year is most often devoted to summing up, presenting awards and disputes about what should become GOTY this time. And December 2019, in this sense, is no exception, although there will be games in the near future that should be paid attention to. So, let’s start!

Sony E3 2019

Star conflict

Star Conflict - online space action, you sit at the helm of a spaceship and fly to fight for control of the galaxies. All battles take place in outer space.

Star Conflict


Warface is an online team first-person shooter where you can feel like a fighter against terrorism, choose one of the 4 classes of fighters and take part in exciting co-operative missions, or in collective battles. Equip your fighter with your favorite outfit, modules, weapons and into battle!


Top 5 MMORPGs for playing together

Top 5 MMORPG for a game for two was compiled for bosom friends or couples. But usually, looking for an MMO or MMORPG, people think of raids with strangers or traveling alone. Few players choose the co-op, and those who choose often do not know about the bonuses provided to such players. Some IMOs reward the game for two in a co-op or a small group, and in some you can even get married / get married and also get benefits. We will introduce you to some MMORPGs, which are very fun to play together.

How was the list compiled? The choice was based on the subjective feelings of the author and the amount of bonuses for joint gameplay.