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Main games of December 2019

In December, many large games rarely come out. The last month of the year is most often devoted to summing up, presenting awards and disputes about what should become GOTY this time. And December 2019, in this sense, is no exception, although there will be games in the near future that should be paid attention to. So, let’s start!

Sony E3 2019

Phoenix point (December 3rd on PC)

Phoenix point

Truly cool futuristic turn-based tactics appear very rarely, and when this happens, almost always such games fall into all kinds of tops and year-end results. So it was with the restart of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and with its continuation, and with Into The Breach. And in December Phoenix Point will be released, which has every chance of becoming as exciting as all the strategies mentioned above.

Why? Because it was developed by British game designer Julian Gollop, who invented the X-COM series. A few years ago, he launched a crowdfunding campaign, raised the necessary amount with his Snapshot Games studio, and set about creating a game based on the gameplay mechanics of the same X-COM. At Phoenix Point, you are the head of one of the departments of a secret organization whose goal is to protect the Earth from mutants. Yes, this time there were no aliens, although the virus that turned people and animals into monsters is of an alien origin.

One of the most important elements of Phoenix Point is the procedural generation of cards, which is not easy to implement in turn-based tactics, where the main thing is balance. We will soon find out how well Gollop succeeded.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York (December 4th on PC)

Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York

Never heard of this game, even though you followed the development of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2? Well, nothing surprising - there really was very little talk about the Coteries of New York. Nevertheless, this is a real game based on World of Darkness. There is only one problem (is it a problem?): This is an interactive novel. True, there is a lot to read and click on different answer options in endless dialogs.

The events of the Coteries of New York take place, as you might guess, in New York. The hero, a recently converted vampire, finds himself in the center of the eternal struggle of two factions - the Camarilla and the Anarchists. The authors promise several endings and incredible variability in the plot episodes, which, of course, should be trusted with caution. It is difficult to say whether the Coteries of New York is connected with the upcoming Bloodlines 2.

Darksiders: Genesis (5th of December on PC)

Darksiders: Genesis

Game developers from the Darksiders series do their best not to develop the main story (by the way, it froze in the first two parts), but to show it from different angles. For example, the action of Darksiders III developed in parallel with the events of Darksiders 2, but Darksiders: Genesis is a prequel to the very first part, and even an isometric one. And cooperative.

The main roles are War, the protagonist of the original, and Discord, the fourth rider that fans of the series have long wanted to see in action. The first fights with a huge sword, the second uses two pistols. The first, as you might have guessed, feels great at close range, and the second - in a battle at a distance. And both of them are needed to solve puzzles. With a single passage between the riders, you can switch at any time, and in a coop, players can change roles at any time.

If you care about the fate of Darksiders, check out Genesis. Most likely, the further development of the series will depend on its success.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey (December 6 on PS4 & Xbox One)

The Humankind Odyssey

A new game by French game designer Patrice Desillet, who was responsible for the development of the first two Assassinʼs Creed. After leaving Ubisoft, he found a new team and started creating Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, dedicated to the survival of monkeys in the prehistoric era. This is a third-person action game where one of these monkeys has to be controlled: to search for food, to escape from predators and to ensure the safety of offspring.

In August 2019, Ancestors came out on the PC, but did not become particularly popular. Perhaps the release on consoles will help her attract a new audience.

Transport Fever 2 (December 11th on PC)

Transport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2 - an economic strategy dedicated to the construction of roads, railways, the creation of air traffic and everything related to the movement of vehicles. This is the third game of Urban Games, where the studio is trying to take into account the mistakes of the two previous projects and do everything as it should. It seems to be working out! This summer, the author of Kanobu Alexei Egorov traveled to Germany for the presentation of Transport Fever 2 and personally “built” the railway on the American frontier of the 1850s model. He says it was great, read it.

However, in this game it’s not enough just to pave the way, you also need to monitor the noise level, environmental impact and many other parameters. And after passing through one of several story campaigns, you can head off to the map editor.

Detroit: Become Human (12 December on PC)

Detroit: Become Human

Former PS4 exclusive, the best game of Quantic Dream and French game designer David Cage, one of the most spectacular “interactive films”. The principles of the gameplay are the same: a lot of QTEs, tense episodes like chasing a suspect along a busy road and the need to quickly make decisions on which the lives of the characters depend.

Detroit: Become Human - a story about how androids, created to serve people, decided that they could well do without patrons. Deviants - so they will be called later. And this story will be told to the players by its direct participants: those same androids. One will run away from home with a child to watch over, the other will revolt against people, and the third will try to find and stop them.

As always with David Cage, the plot and its variability are the main thing. And in Detroit: Become Human, there really are many options for the development of events in each important scene. After passing through the next chapter, they will even show you a “tree” with all the possible consequences of the decisions made.