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Star conflict

Star Conflict - online space action, you sit at the helm of a spaceship and fly to fight for control of the galaxies. All battles take place in outer space.

Star Conflict

At the beginning of the game you need to choose one of three factions for which you will fight: Empire (discipline and power), Federation (freedom and trade) or Jericho (technology and medicine). In principle, this does not matter, since you can become a defector and cling to the other side.

Ships and Weapons

In Star Conflict, there are 3 types of spaceships to choose from:

  • Attack aircraft - a balanced middling in everything, has 4 guns and missiles in service.
  • Interceptor - a high-speed light ship designed for reconnaissance, has 2 guns and missiles in service.
  • Frigates are heavy ships, armed with 4-6 guns, designed to destroy enemies at great distances, and repair allied ships.

On ships, you can put several types of weapons, from energy, kinetic and radiation to missiles with different types of control. There are also different modules and devices that can be put on ships, they change the characteristics of the vessel.

5 game modes

  • Battle for the sector - battles between factions on a common map. As a result of battles, factions capture the sectors that bring them a certain income.
  • Fast PvP battle - this is a battle between two teams of players. There are 5 different PvP combat modes: Point control, Detonation (destruction of points), Reconnaissance by battle (destruction of the entire enemy team), Lighthouse hunting (save points by the end of the battle), Capture lighthouses (hold more points).
  • PvE missions - a team of four pilots complete different missions, fighting with bots.
  • Own battle - you can create your own battle with your settings: map, region, battle type PvP or PvE.
  • Invasion - the fight against pirates and aliens.