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The most toxic online games ever. Guess what comes first?

According to the results of the study, in almost all popular games, more than 50% of respondents encountered harassment and insults. But the leader, of course, in this indicator was Dota 2.

The Anti-Defamation League conducted a survey among American players, according to the results of which it was the top most toxic communities in online games.

53% of all respondents believe that they have been harassed because of their race / ethnicity, religion, playing skills, gender or sexual orientation.

19% of respondents quit a game because of an aggressive community. The leader in this indicator also became Dota 2 (37%), in second place Fortnite (36%).

Some of the respondents insults in online games were reflected in real life. Every tenth player admitted that he had depressive or suicidal thoughts as a result of the persecution in online multiplayer games.

The study also revealed that contentious ideological topics are often discussed in gaming communities. For example, 23% witnessed a discussion of the ideology of white supremacy, and almost one in ten (9%) talked about talking about Holocaust denial in online multiplayer games.