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Top 5 MMORPGs for playing together

Top 5 MMORPG for a game for two was compiled for bosom friends or couples. But usually, looking for an MMO or MMORPG, people think of raids with strangers or traveling alone. Few players choose the co-op, and those who choose often do not know about the bonuses provided to such players. Some IMOs reward the game for two in a co-op or a small group, and in some you can even get married / get married and also get benefits. We will introduce you to some MMORPGs, which are very fun to play together.

How was the list compiled? The choice was based on the subjective feelings of the author and the amount of bonuses for joint gameplay.

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

How does SWTOR help when playing together? If you join a group in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you will receive a bonus experience for completing missions automatically. You must complete quests with at least one other player.

The game also has its own story for each class. Players can choose an archetype with the beginning of history on one planet, find each other and help with starting tasks, at the same time understanding the plot.

4. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 has a system of interaction between classes. This means that the skills of the two classes can interact and complement each other.

For example, an elementalist can cause a wall of fire, and a ranger, by shooting arrows through it, will set fire to shells and inflict more damage to his opponents. All classes have synergistic effects and players can choose them for their group. This makes interaction in Guild Wars 2 especially useful.

As for the plot, it is mainly told through instances. Each player experiences his own version of the story, but you can invite a friend. Then its level and power will be changed to match the number of players.

3. Secret World Legends

Secret World: Legends is an MMO that focuses on the plot. Missions are like episodes and are always interesting. And going through the plot together is doubly interesting.

Using weapons with the same type of attack, defense, or special effect in the game will create a synergy effect and enhance it. Therefore, you and your companion should choose a weapon that has a positive effect on each other in the team in order to benefit from synergies such as “damage over time” and others.

2. The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online also offers so-called synergies. These are skills that you can combine with other players. You don’t even have to be in a group with these players.

When a player uses a synergistic ability, the other sees a symbol appearing nearby and can respond with his corresponding skill. This creates a powerful synergistic effect that helps you defeat bosses faster. For example, thanks to synergy, you can cause great damage or become invisible.

What other bonuses does ESO offer for co-op players? In this MMORPG you can even get married. This is not only a pleasant experience, but also a joint bonus to the experience of 10%.

1. Final Fantasy XIV

How does Final Fantasy XIV contribute to co-op play? Once you reach level 15, you can unite in a group to jointly go through dungeons and an interesting story with new additions. You can also synchronize levels so as not to get ahead of each other in terms of experience.

In MMORPG you can marry a partner. For this you need to order a ceremony. After the wedding, there are some rewards, depending on the level of the wedding (Standard, Gold or Platinum). With the Ring of Eternity (engagement), you can teleport to your partner and get a “hugging” emotion, as well as new hairstyles.

In a higher status, you also get, for example, Chocobo as a mount, Demon Box as a pet and Moogle as a minion.

But a wedding of higher levels costs money (Gold $ 10 per player, Platinum $ 20).